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Screen overlay detected
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In this post we will talk about how to fix the error ” Screen overlay detected ” and will explain in depth what it is and help you to solve these error.

“Screen overlay detected” means that Android has detected a screen overlay and should be disabled. The message gives us a little clue but many have no idea what this means. The “Screen overlay detected” message appears when you use a Floating-App and you open a newly installed application that needs some access permissions , for example an app like Messenger’s circular chats.

How to solve the ” Screen overlay detected ” error?

In Marshmallow the method to give permissions have been changed to improve security and now users must accept permissions one by one. The application asks what permissions to use and for an app to have this permission it must be activated, if there is an app that does not have it then this warning appears.

This warning is for security since a malicious app with wrong permissions can record our data and passwords, that is why the solution that usually works is to remove Clean Master and all those junk apps that are good for nothing.

Spyware SonicSpy is found on Google Play

This problem can happen on any mobile but usually occurs on Samsung and Motorola phones. In some cases the most problem creating app are Drupe, Clean Master, Lux or Twilight.

To fix it in many cases we can go to:

  • Settings – Applications
  • Press on the Gear Icon  (or More).
  • look for the option Draw over other apps .
  • Identify the problem creating app and remove its permissions.

Screen overlay detected

Now we can reopen the app that requires a new permission and that’s it, it should work. On Samsung we can go to Settings – Advanced functions – One-handed operation and disable this keyboard as it also gives problems.

Finally you can activate this permission again for the app to work properly although in many cases this application is usually junk and it is best to delete it as those apps like Clean Master do not serve much. We hope we have shed a little light on the subject with this tutorial.


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